GoKid - Save time. Carpool with families you trust.GoKid | Save time. Carpool with families you trust.

A complete carpool solution for schools, teams, and active families.

All the information you need, streamlined and easy to manage.

No more e-mail chains
The GoKid carpool app provides busy families with a way to easily manage their carpool schedules, saving them time and money, and reducing stress. Easily set up carpools and invite other parents to drive.
Automated Reminders
Automated reminders let you know when you're scheduled to drive. All your kids' carpooling information is kept on one platform, so it is easy to manage and to edit as needed.
Peace of mind
Unlike other ride sharing services, there are no paid drivers. GoKid is free and parents can have peace of mind knowing they have complete control over who they invite to drive or share rides with their children.

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Sep, 06, 2016


The Company

GoKid provides schools, teams and active families with a powerful tool to manage day-to-day schedules. Today there is no easy way to organize kids’ carpools. Our mobile app integrates key technologies that easily facilitate carpool management.

The app includes GPS-based tracking of cars, live mapping functionality, in-app texting, and automatic alerts. This app addresses the parents and caregivers of the 50 million school children in the United States. It is a tool that will not only benefit the families who use it, but also their communities.

GoKid was founded Stefanie Lemcke who wished to solve her own driving fatigue after moving from New York City to Connecticut and finding herself trapped in traffic jams with her neighbors as they all drove to the same place at the same time to drop off and pick up their kids.

Meet the Founder

Stefanie, mother of Filipa (10) and Leni (12) moved to the US from Europe ten years ago and is still puzzled by the amount of time US parents spend driving kids to their many activities. Stefanie is a serial entrepreneur and an experienced digital manager who has worked in innovation and technology for the past 15 years. With a background in the children's market, media, and entertainment, she ran the online video department at Sky Germany, headed the legal department at the Disney channel in Germany, and worked at Sony Music. In 2012 she co-founded New York International, a website and technology for international entrepreneurs launching businesses in the US. Stefanie holds a PhD in law from the University of Munich and an M.B.A.

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