GoKid - Save time. Carpool with families you trust.GoKid | Save time. Carpool with families you trust.

A complete carpool solution for schools, teams, and active families.

All the information you need, streamlined and easy to manage.

No more e-mail chains
The GoKid carpool app provides busy families with a way to easily manage their carpool schedules, saving them time and money, and reducing stress. Easily set up carpools and invite other parents to drive.
Automated Reminders
Automated reminders let you know when you're scheduled to drive. All your kids' carpooling information is kept on one platform, so it is easy to manage and to edit as needed.
Peace of mind
Unlike other ride sharing services, there are no paid drivers. GoKid is free and parents can have peace of mind knowing they have complete control over who they invite to drive or share rides with their children.
Easy carpool setup
Trusted circle: Parents
No paid drivers
Route optimization
GPS and live tracking
Family profiles and pictures
Automated notifications
In-app messaging

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