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What made me start GoKid?

Many times I get asked what made me start GoKid. Four years ago, my husband and I decided it was time to leave New York City. We wanted to raise our kids, as millions before us, in a house in the suburbs. We fell in love with an old farmhouse in Connecticut and moved one […] Read more

Press Release: GoKid Unveils the GoKid Connect Platform to Drive Carpool Management for Schools

NEW YORK, Aug. 29, 2017 — GoKid, the complete carpool solution for schools, teams and families, today unveiled GoKid Connect, a mobility solution designed to connect schools and parents through a secure web portal and GoKid mobile app, enabling parents to quickly identify who in their school lives close by, and is willing to carpool. Additionally, GoKid […] Read more

Aug, 29, 2017


4 Healthy Ways to Get Your Kids to School (guest post)

This post originally featured on Moms Clean Air Force on August 21, 2017. By Diane MacEachern Air pollution is probably the last thing on your mind when you’re getting your kids ready for school. But how kids get to school can have a major impact on the air they breathe. Between idling buses and cars and the sheer […] Read more

What’s your Earth Overshoot Day?

How many planets does it take to support your lifestyle? That’s what Global Footprint Network is helping people to discover with their new global footprint calculator. The release of the calculator coincides with “Earth Overshoot Day” – which is the day each year by which humans have used up more from nature than the planet […] Read more

Aug, 02, 2017


GoKid is now available everywhere!

You asked for it, and now it’s here – GoKid is available on web to all smartphone users and for desktop. To check it out simply head over to https://my.gokid.mobi on your smartphone or computer. Now you can invite all smartphone users, regardless of their device. A few notes on how the new GoKid works We’ve […] Read more

Jul, 24, 2017


It’s coming…. GoKid 3.0!

After several months of hard work from the GoKid team, we are excited to announce that this month, we will be launching GoKid 3.0 and GoKid for web! What’s New We spoke to designers and user experience experts, listened to what our users had to say, and made a lot of changes to our app. […] Read more

Jul, 10, 2017


Smart City Initiatives

In 2008, the number of people worldwide living in urban population centers surpassed the number of people living in rural areas for the first time in history. The growing population of the world, and the growth of cities in particular, has created numerous challenges for humanity. Cities are often crowded, polluted, and difficult to travel […] Read more

Standing by the Paris Climate Agreement

We have to admit that it was a terrible day for the world yesterday. How can we as parents, explain to our children why the US is leaving the Paris climate agreement? It is a treaty that took years to agree on and that is vital for the future of our planet. Two years ago, […] Read more

When Carpooling Becomes Mandatory

From the insanity of pick-up and drop-off traffic to the financial and environmental impact of wasted fuel, getting the kids to school in the morning isn’t always easy. Carpooling is a great way to mitigate these issues, but not all parents are quick to adopt this simple solution. Is a mandate for carpooling the best […] Read more

Jun, 01, 2017


Carpool-Friendly Snack Tips

Whether it’s school or extracurriculars, being on pickup carpool duty usually means a car full of hungry kids and/or teens who need a little food and drink pick-me-up before making their way home. This kind of on-the-go snacking creates its own special set of demands, though, so some forethought and planning is in order.   […] Read more

May, 05, 2017


The Insanity of School Drop-offs and Pick-ups

As more and more parents choose to drop their kids off at school in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon, roadways and carpool lanes become increasingly crowded. While there are some minor scheduling issues that can crop up as a result of the long lines of cars and ever-inflating wait times, there […] Read more

Apr, 27, 2017


A Parent’s Guide to Extracurricular Activities

From sports to performing arts and everything in between, extracurricular activities are an important way to add structure to your kid’s life. Some kids are ready to dive in headfirst, but others need a little convincing. Learn more about how extracurriculars can benefit your children and how to make the new activity work for the […] Read more

Apr, 12, 2017


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