GoKid Support

GoKid Support

At GoKid, our hope is to improve the lives of millions of people by making carpooling simple. We’re doing our best to constantly improve the app and work out any bugs we encounter along the way. We’d appreciate your patience and honest feedback.

If you are looking for help with GoKid Connect, please visit this page.

We hope any questions you have are answered here, but if not please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Getting Started
Managing Accounts

There is no cost to download the GoKid app.

While we do not have a native Android app, GoKid is available on mobile web at my.gokid.mobi. This includes mobile devices of all types: Android, Windows, iOS, etc.

We strongly recommend you only carpool with fellow parents who you know and trust. GoKid is not doing background checks on parents, but we are providing the technology to set up and schedule rides.

Download the iOS app for free from the App Store or visit my.gokid.mobi. Sign up with your email address, phone number, and password, then add your family. Now you’re ready to start creating your carpools and inviting families you know and trust who are involved in the same activities. Simple!

Entering your mobile number ensures that you will receive notifications and invitations from the parents you carpool with. Your number is not shared with anyone outside of your carpools.

We need the addresses of every carpool participant in order to set up the carpool itinerary, mapping, and driving directions.

When you register, choose a password to share with your family. After setting up your own profile, create a profile for each family member. If you want your kids to be able to log in (not required), you must include each one’s e-mail address. When they sign in to GoKid, instead of creating a new account, they will just log in with the shared password and their e-mail address.

Open the app and tap on your name in the menu. This brings you to your profile. To add a child, simply tap on “add family member.” Then select “kid” and enter first name and last name of your child, and a picture (this helps other parents easily recognize your child). E-mail and phone number are not required.

Your child will only have a GoKid account if you create one that includes your child’s e-mail address and share the password with him/her. Children with GoKid logins will be able to see their schedule and who is driving them. They can not make changes to the carpools or volunteer to drive.

GoKid will still work fine without linked child accounts. You will still need to create a profile for your child in order to add him/her to carpools, but including a phone number, e-mail, and photo are all optional.

You can change your password by using the “forgot password” option on the sign-in screen.

  1. Log out of the app.
  2. Tap “sign in.”
  3. Tap on “forgot password?” in the bottom right corner.
  4. Enter the email address associated with your account.

Within a few minutes you will be sent an email with a link to set a new password.

For our web app and GoKid Connect we support Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Creating or Joining a Carpool

No. The only thing you need to input is the event location. Your own kid(s) location will be set to your home location by default. The other parents you invite will put in their own kid’s information once they receive your invitation and accept the carpool.

You can choose to invite others via text message through GoKid (no extra charge) or an e-mail. A link to GoKid will be included in your message, so that invited parents will see the carpool.

You cannot create carpools with multiple event locations. However, if you set the “from” or “to” location to “Kids’ Homes” then each parent who joins can set their own child’s location. All the children’s locations will be added to the driving itinerary and plotted on the carpool route.

To change your child’s location in any carpool, go to the schedule screen and scroll to the carpool you want to change. Tap on your child’s image. You will see option to change your child’s location and can select to set the new location for just that one carpool event, or for the whole series.

The app will send you a reminder notification 24 hours before your drive is scheduled to start.

This feature is currently in development.

Carpools that have no assigned drivers are highlighted in red. Simply tap on “no driver” to volunteer to drive. If you have more than one adult in your profile, when you tap “no driver” you will see a dropdown where you can select which adult from your family will be driving.

As an invitee you can only edit which of your children are participating and those children’s pickup and dropoff locations. You can also choose which days you are driving for that carpool. You cannot edit the event name, location, date(s), or time.

It is not currently possible to have multiple drivers for an individual carpool event.  You can have many different drivers within a carpool, but only one person at a time can be assigned to drive. This is to ensure that the driver knows exactly which kids he/she is driving, and to ensure that we plot the route correctly and include all the right kids. If you have a large carpool group, we advise splitting them into separate groups with one admin for each group.

Editing and Managing Carpools

In the schedule screen, find the carpool you’d like to edit and tap “view details” (on web) or “>” (iOS app) to see the map screen. There you will see an “edit” option. Select whether you would like to edit the single carpool event, or the whole series (if it is a recurring carpool).

Note, that if you are editing a single carpool event in a series, you cannot change the name or participants.

To invite people to an existing carpool please click on that carpool in your schedule to see more details – this will take you to the map screen. Select “edit” and choose “edit carpool series” you will then see the original carpool you set up and can add more participants in the “Who” section. When you save your changes, the new invitations will be sent.

Once the invitations have been sent, there is not currently a way to recall them. We strongly advise only inviting and carpooling with families you know and trust. If your invitee does not want to join he/she can decline or ignore the invitation and they will not be added to the carpool.

You can only cancel carpools you originally created.

First, find the carpool you want to cancel in the schedule screen (using the filters can make this easier).
On web, tap on “view details” for the carpool you want to cancel. From the details screen tap on “cancel” and select if you want cancel the single carpool event or the whole series.
On the iOS app, tap on “>” and from the map screen tap on “edit.” Select “cancel this carpool” and select if you want to cancel the single carpool event or the whole series.

If you were not the creator of the carpool, but you want to remove it from your list, you will not see a “Cancel Carpool” button. Instead you will need to “opt out” your child from the series.

If your child does not need to participate in a specific event, go to the schedule and find the event from which you want to remove your child.* Tap on your child’s image. You will see an option to “opt out of carpool.” If you want to skip the single event, choose “this carpool only” from the options that appear.

*Don’t forget, if there is also a return carpool you need to remove your child separately from that.

Find that event in your schedule and tap on your image as driver, then select to remove yourself as driver or select another adult in your family to drive.

Notifications of changes to carpools will be released in later versions of the GoKid iOS app. You will be able to control these notifications from your account screen.

Start on the main schedule screen and find the carpool you want directions for.

If you’re using the iOS app, tap on the title of that carpool. This will take you to the map screen where you can see the route and itinerary. You can pull the itinerary list up to see more of it, or swipe it down to see more of the map.

If you’re using web, tap on “view details.” This will take you to the map screen where you can see the route and the itinerary.

Upgrading to
GoKid Pro

GoKid Pro has all the same features as our basic free app PLUS it includes extra premium features such as: iCal/Google calendar syncing, additional notifications + reminders, and more granular preference controls.

We are rolling out a bunch more features for our Pro customers over the next months. These include: Live tracking, notifications of pickup/dropoff, syncing with your TeamSnap account, ability to view several months of past carpools, and more. Learn more about GoKid Pro here.

Our monthly plan is $4.99 / month. Our yearly plan is $49.99 / month (savings of $9.89!)

Go to your profile and select “Manage Pro Subscription.” You will then be prompted to choose a billing plan and enter your credit card information. Follow the steps as prompted – your pro upgrade should take effect as soon as you complete the steps.
>We use Stripe for billing on our web app, and Apple for billing on our iOS app.

All GoKid subscriptions are auto-renewing. You do not need to manually renew.

Go to your profile and scroll down the options until you find “Manage my Pro subscription.” Tap on that and you should see your current billing period as well as a button to cancel the subscription.
If you cancel in the middle of a billing period your pro subscription will continue until the end of that period.
Please note: If you originally subscribed via our web app (my.gokid.mobi) then you must manage your subscription there. If you originally subscribed via Apple (on our iPhone app), then you must manage your subscription via Apple.

We will be running various free trials of our pro features in the coming months. You can take advantage of our initial offering of 3 months of free Pro when you sign up before December 31, 2017 by tapping on a pro feature in your profile – you will then be prompted to sign up for pro. Finish the subscription process as prompted (either monthly or yearly) and your free trial will activate automatically. Your card will only be charged after the trial period ends.

Tips for
Safe Carpooling

We generally recommend carpooling for parents with school-aged children (ages 7 and up) as opposed to younger children. US States have different car seat requirements—some are age-dependent, others are dependent on the weight of the child. If in doubt, please review this list and contact your carpool group and the parent who is driving either through an in-app message or by calling the parent. When carpooling with younger children, it is your responsibility as a parent to make sure the driving parent has the right car seat and knows how to adjust it.

GoKid should actually help prevent the use of cell phones while driving, as the app will be displaying the best route and directions. We recommend parents use a hands-free holder for their phones when following GPS directions. We are currently not monitoring the driving behavior of parents but might include respective technologies at a later stage.